Why Our Community is Voting for Jim Zito:

  • He is the ONLY Candidate who is a full time (Title 1) Middle-School teacher.
  • He Consistently Advocates for more Counselors and Psychologists for our Students.
  • He insists on Fiscal Accountability & Investment in Academic Advancement.
  • He consistently supports Keeping ALL EESD Schools SAFE & OPEN. 
  • He recommends and supports innovative learning & enrichment programs.
  • He has a Unique Blend of Educational, Community, Financial & Civic Experiences.
  • He has NO Ties to Special Interest Group or Teacher Union (ETA) Money.
  • The Best Choice to be YOUR Community Voice on the Evergreen EESD School Board.

What Community Leaders Are Saying About Jim Zito:

“I trust Jim to put our district’s students and community FIRST.  As the parent of three EESD graduates, a teacher and a long-time school volunteer, Jim understands first-hand the impacts of learning loss & budget cuts.”

“Experience Matters! – Jim is an experienced 12-year trustee and 25-year civic volunteer. He cares deeply about keeping schools OPEN, improving ALL students’ academic achievement, recovering from COVID learning loss, and the role of our schools in our community culture. His numerous City and community commendations prove this.”

“Jim Zito has been teaching STEM & Humanities at an east-side middle school for the past 5 years. He values the role teachers play in education and student development.  He will work with all stakeholders to restore student learning.  He is the best choice for the Evergreen School Board.”

Partial List of Endorsements:

  • Chris Corpus, EESD Trustee
  • Bonnie Mace, Former EESD Trustee
  • Balaji Venkatraman, Former EESD Trustee
  • Van Le, Eastside Union HS District Trustee
  • Robert Varich, Campbell Union High School District Trustee
  • Michael L. Snyder, Campbell Union School District Trustee
  • Carlos Miranda, Cptn, SJPD Ret.
  • Pastor John Goldstein, Grace Church
  • Sherry Gilmore, Community Leader
  • Dan & Barbara Gould, Community Leaders
  • Khanh Nguyen, WENA Community Leader
  • Pat Waite, Business Executive, Ret.
  • Khanh Hoang, Community Leader
  • Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility (CFR)
  • Leti Villa-Gascon, Former Principal
  • Michael Gabler, D8CRT Founding Member
  • Steve and Sonia Marchana, St. Francis of Assisi Parishioners
  • Wes Lee, Community Leader