“The last decade has seen many changes at EESD. Most were good – Better school Safety Plans, Keeping O.B. Whaley OPEN, New Enrichment Programs and Upgraded Tech at all schools for ALL students and teachers. But there are still many serious challenges – Superintendant and Administrative staff Turnover, Declining Student Enrollment and COVID Learning Loss. We have had several years of deficit spending with projected deficits through 2025.  We must reverse our declining enrollment by introducing more enrichment options and continue to upgrade our students’ academic programs & technology so we can better compete with schools who are drawing Evergreen students away from our district.” 
– Jim Zito

As an effective EESD Trustee since 2010, and community advocate for over 25 years, community leaders and elected officials endorse and support my leadership. After 30 years in biotech management, I’ve now taught 5+ years at a public school serving low-income, first-generation students. I’m the only Trustee with over 4 years serving on the EESD Board – including Board President twice.

Experience Matters – especially with COVID learning loss, declining enrollment, high staff turnover and a new Superintendent. With my leadership and collaboration, we’ve maintained fiscal health, increased counselors and social workers, added enrichment activities, upgraded facilities and technology, and provided competitive salaries and development opportunities for staff.

My priorities are Students and Community FIRST, Ensuring School Safety, Reversing COVID Learning Loss, Expanding STEM and Enrichment, Fiscal Health and Accountability, Teacher and Classroom Support, and Attracting & Retaining Students. I support Sustainable Compensation while keeping all schools open, especially those schools in vulnerable communities like OB Whaley.

I’ve served 8 years as a San Jose Planning Commissioner, on many City and County Boards & Commissions, and on St. Francis of Assisi Parish Council. I’ve received many Distinguished Community Service Awards from Mayor Sam Liccardo and several former Councilmembers.

As EESD Board Trustee, I will Continue to Work to:

  • Jim Zito and His 8th Grade Class
  • Sacramento Bus Trip for Education
  • Jim Zito with DCP Teaching Staff
  • Quimby Oak MS Science Olympiad Team

My Priorities and Accomplishments

School Safety


  • Stricter Campus Gun Policy
  • More Mental Health Counselors
  • Enhanced School Safety Plans
  • Walk & Roll Partnerships


  • Enhance School Site Security
  • Enhance Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Classroom & School Upgrades
  • Better Parent Communication
  • Increase Crossing Guards

Student Services


  • Keeping All Schools OPEN!
  • Maintained 5-day Libraries
  • New STEM Classrooms
  • Opened LSI & Bulldog Tech


  • Equitable Services for Special Needs Students
  • Dual Immersion Programs
  • More Classroom Technology
  • More STEAM Class Offerings

Staff Support


  • Fair Salary Increases
  • Lower Health Insurance Costs
  • Additional Classroom Funding
  • Additional PD Opportunities


  • Keep All Class Sizes SMALL
  • Stop Teacher Layoffs
  • More Teacher STEAM Training
  • FULL Classroom Funding
  • Competitive Compensation

Sustainable Finances


  • Created Land Use Committee
  • Created Joint Use Committee
  • Inventoried ALL District Sites
  • Instituted SISC for Health Ins.


  • Attract and Retain Students
  • Sustainable, Balanced Budget
  • Eliminate Deficit Spending
  • Accurate Financial Forecasts
  • Approve Joint-Use Agreements

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